Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. 1. How much space do you need to setup your flipbook booth?

   3 meters by 3 meters is the ideal area so we can fit more people  into our screen. But we can settle for 3 meters by 2 meters if necessary.


2.  Can we customize the flipbook covers?

     Yes, just provide us with the materials for layout (pics, theme, color scheme, etc.) and we’ll do the rest.

  1. 3. Can we customize the backgrounds?

    Yes, we can match the backgrounds to fit your theme

  1. 4. Can we add scrolling text messages at the bottom of the flip book?


  1. 5. Do you do out of town events?

     Yes, please contact us for out of town rates

  1. 6. Can we setup both a flipbook booth and a photobooth?

    Yes, we have packages for that as well

  1. 7. How big is the flipbook?

     It’s as big as a standard business card

  1. 8. How many pages does each flipbook have?

     60 pages


9.  Do you do outdoor events?

     Yes , but as much as possible we’d like to be able to control the lighting in the area and we need protection from wind and rain.


10. Can I send you a video clip and have you send it back to me in a flipbook?

     Yes, please contact us for pricing



11.  Can we use flipbooks as a Save the Date card or as an invite?

     Absolutely yes


12.  How many people can I fit in a flipbook?

     As many as we could fit in our screen

13. How many copies do the guests receive?

     For our unlimited packages, it’s 1 book per video, if they want to have more copies they can take another video.  For fixed and big party packages, they can have multiple copies of the same video depending on how the celebrant wants to disburse the flipbooks.


14. How many flipbooks can you make in an hour at a party?

     We would say an average of 50 to 60 books per hour. This really depends on the guests and the number of guests. The video shoot is just 7 seconds and It takes around 90 seconds to make 1 flipbook from printing - cutting - binding. But guests don’t have to wait for our prints to finish before they can have the next video taken.